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Southside Richmond, VA Chapter #102


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Joining Mothers & More

Benefits of Membership

  • Local chapter affiliation – meetings with topical discussions, guest speakers, mom’s night out activities, playgroups, family outings and more.
  • The Forum – a unique bi–monthly publication focusing on work and family issues, survival techniques for life at home and in the workplace, ideas for personal enrichment, book reviews, author interviews and other subjects of interest to sequencing women.
  • Online services – an interactive international Web site with a variety of members–only services including e–mail loops and announcements of timely news and information.
  • Volunteer opportunities – the chance to keep work skills current or acquire new ones by volunteering time and talent in a variety of areas, including chapter coordination, membership, online services, publications, media relations, marketing, advocacy, human resources and development.
  • Advocacy – opportunities to participate in email loop discussions of issues impacting mothers and get involved in efforts to promote the value of the work mothers do and eliminate policies and attitudes that unfairly impact mothers as caregivers. 

Fees (in U.S. funds)

  • One–year membership (United States) – $45
  • One–year membership (International) – $55 

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